The Price Of The iPad Mini

The Price Of The iPad Mini

A lot of leakage and rumors about the presence of the latest device from Apple that iPad Mini and have now been rumored that these devices will be introduced officially on 23 October 2012 to come and of course a lot of people are asking and want to find out about the price of this iPad Mini and now present the latest glimpse back on price of the iPad Mini on the internet that already exist.

iPad mini

From one of the sources is a blog that speak The Next Web Germany obtained a few choices of models and a matter of price iPad mini, where this Mini iPad is expected to be on sale starting price of about 249 Euro for the iPad mini 8 GB WiFi model while the 64 GB model will sell for 549 Euros which dirupiahkan around Rp. 6.8 millions and when consumers want an iPad with 3 g features are then subjected to supplemental for additional price of 100 Euro.

When finally the prices leaked iPad Mini prices are true it seems the cheapest Mini still seem expensive compared with some android tablet that had been circulating in the market such as Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire here, it can be concluded that the products released by Apple is the party there is nothing cheap and low prices is not is one typical of Apple products.

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