Advantages of the iPhone 5

Advantages of the iPhone 5

Already we know that iPhone 5 is officially released some time ago in his home country that is United States. iPhone 5 is claimed as the world's thinnest mobile phone although the design of the iPhone 5 is larger in size when compared to the previous generation.
That's up from the iPhone 5 is where Apple presenting their latest features for hardware and software that does not exist on the iPhone 4S or previous generations. Here are some of the latest features of the
iPhone 5 from one of the existing resource, among others, namely:

Advantages of the iPhone 5

4 G LTE connectivity
Like the dirumorkan that at the latest Apple products they will use the first 4 g LTE connectivity (long Term Evolution). The presence of the LTE iPhone 5 will be made in the penggunananya have the ease of download speed which claimed up to hundreds of Mbps but still it depends on telecommunication operators are used by users.

Processor A6
With the latest processors that support processor A6 which claimed to be a CPU processor has two times faster graphics capabilities as well as its size as well as smaller i.e. 22% compared to the previous processor A5. This processor was more to make battery endurance over long periods where it is processed by the processor A6 manufacturing 32 mm and based on a dual core ARM Cortex design A15.

IOS 4 operating system
Running with iOS operating system that has many updates 6 in it among other things like 3 dimensional detailed map and deep integration with Facebook networking website. Additionally, on iOS 6 when users do the safari browser then going to full screen mode and there is a Passbook savings feature application used to organize electronic tickets or e-tickets quickly and easily.

Previously it has been estimated that iPhone 5 will have a screen that is big enough in comparison to its predecessor which has a screen of 4 inches with Retina Display resolution supported as well as 640 pixels which 1,136 x beraspek 16 x 9 ratio of density of 326ppi added pixel (pixel per inch).

Desaing are thin and slender
The design of the iPhone 5 is only as thick as thin 7.6 mm and also weight 112 gram. Made of aluminum and glass. When this size accounted for 20% lighter and 19% thinner than its predecessor, namely the iPhone when its 4S.

The Sophistication Of The Camera
The camera on the iPhone 5 embedded this resolution 8 megapixel equals iPhone 4S but different ability which can snap a photo with a resolution of 28 megapixel panoramas as well as menghasilakan images with better quality even if it is in less light. It is certain that the ability of the camera in the iPhone 5 is 40% faster for the taking of photos as well as the user can do a video call with a high definition 720 with facetime.

Lightning Connector
In the history of the new iPhone this time ended up doing the design on the Apple iPhone and the current connector this connector is named Lightning measuring 80% smaller and can do sync iPhone 5 to your computer more quickly when compared with 30 pin connector as well as the previous-generation iPhone when compared to the previous as well as stay white as the color for accessories features typical of Apple.

Battery More Durable
The battery used for the iPhone 5 claimed more durable when compared with iPhone 4S that can last up to 8 hours of talk time and access the web via the 3 g network. When users are using interim network 4 g then the iPhone 5 this can last up to 8 hours to 10 hours and browser access when using WiFi.

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