Express Specification of iPad 3

Express Specification of iPad 3

Express Specification of iPad 3

Rumor about specification and design
iPad 3 have never desisted thrown. Even, comes near time roll-out of iPad 3 informed at coming March, tablet this Apple continuously is talked.
Predicted its the launching time is increasingly comes near reality after after Apple sends invitation an event to journalist in AS. Event taking place in San Francisco at Wednesday ( 7/3/2012) the next week is believed to to become acquaintanceship place of newest product of iPad.

Express Specification of iPad 3

If the schedule a few opened, following specification leaks from iPad 3:

1. Apple is testing tablet 8 inch

Apple is informed is testing tablet peripheral of the size screen 8 inch. The peripheral has screen which smaller than iPad generation before all is 9,7 inchs. Will iPad 3 apply screen 8 this inch?
But, the news only explains that Apple only test design iPad which is smaller and has not there are certainty of Apple will produce it massly the peripheral. It is possible that this only conception or merely prototyping.
So, likely iPad 3 would remain to applies the same screen measure with iPad 2.

2. Display Retina

screen iPad 3 is informed to has resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels. This means, closeness of the pixel reaching 264 pixels per inch. Whereas product iPad 2 the existing only having closeness of 132 pikel per inch.
If correctness, display iPad 3 is believed to far more making surprisely is compared to iPad 2. This equivalent approximately with ' Display Retina ' what applied at iPhone 4 with closeness of 300 pixel per inch.

3. Processor Apple A6 Quad-core

Apple also is informed will apply newest generation processor, A6 Quad core at iPad 3.
The news proved from result of photograph about detail iPad third generation. The photograph is claimed by di-capture from iBoot, iDevice bootloader from Apple.
In the photograph, processor type which will be countersinked at iPad this third generation uses model number S5L8945X. The processor model number is newest model number from Apple and possibility will be called as Apple quad core A6.

If this correctness, hence iPad this third generation will become quickest iOS peripheral from the line of product Apple.

4. Connectivity 4G or LTE

Still from steming from iBoot, the photograph also shows two model J1 and J2. iPad first model will present with WiFi only, but iPad second model is supplied with WiFi and GSM/CDMA/LTE.
This means iPad 3 will can support network Long Term Evolution ( LTE) or 4G, based on the model number.

5. better Front camera and back

the Rumor tablet back camera will have bigger resolution, that is 8MP. Even, measure physical of its the camera is also would bigger.

6. New connector

Slim connector measure likely will be selected Apple for iPad 3. This in line with rumor that iPad 3 will figure in port Thunderbolt in iPad 3, iPhone 5 or iPad and iPhone generation hereinafter. With existence of the port, transfer of data between peripherals Apple thus quicker

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