Blackberry PlayBook OS 2.0

Blackberry PlayBook OS 2.0

Blackberry PlayBook OS 2.0

Goods news for you are of the owner of
BlackBerry PlayBook. Tuesday ( 21/2), the side of company just announces newest update for output tablet operating system Research In Motion (RIM). This new OS Version brings integration of social.

With service like Facebook and Twitter, quicker operation with help of real-time multitasking, and some renewals from productivity tools, including Print to Go and Documents To Go, what enables you to see and edits Microsoft Word file, Excel,dan PowerPoint.

Blackberry PlayBook OS 2.0

Presence of this update expected can increase sale of BlackBerry PlayBook which during the time still drawn. It is of course, user will not be worn cost anything! Besides there is also improvement in interfacial display of PlayBook at OS 2.0 is.

Following fitur PlayBook 2.0 which able to be tried:

1. Display

Display PlayBook 2.0 is appearance made perfect. Its the display bases on QNX, same as Blackberry 1.0 OS which will be launched in this year. Here, user can permute widget or menu buttons in this BlackBerry tablet [screen]. That thing is as according to desire of user does kustomisation widget.

2. integration of Email, calender and contact apps with social media

To facilitate receives and manages message, RIM seems to improve repair this fitur. User can receive email, calender ( meeting schedule, meeting or any) with contact and at the same time is attributed to social media from friend in contact. ufloading file to big, the email in smartphone BlackBerry can be synchronization with PlayBook. Automatically user upload file can big in PlayBook through connect wifi.

3. BlackBerry Bridge 2.0

In New version bridge, peripheral BlackBerry can be made remote control for PlayBook. Bridge connects handset BlackBerry with PlayBook through via Bluetooth.

4. Print to Go

User can do file print through tablet peripheral directly, either through BlueTooth and or koneksi cable with printer.

5. The Application Of Android

Peripheral PlayBook 2.0 is has figured in application to base on Android which is direct upload can in BlackBerry App World. This thing done to extend application bases, not only bases on just BlackBerry OS but also bases on Android. RIM has owned around 10000 applications in App World. But RIM refuse to explain number of the application of Android available in App World.

6. Video Chat

User can do chat with friend in peripheral PlayBook directly or can also is connect with TV High Definition. user can be chatting still opening the application of other.

7. Web Experience

All web in PlayBook 2.0 is has supported Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and HTML 5. user can open web in PlayBook same as in desktop or PC.

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